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  本文摘要:Facebook is to try to make privacy settings clearer by creating a hub where users can examine the data they are sharing, in its latest move to address the scandal that has wiped billions of dollars off its market value.Facebook妄图根据开创一个用户能够查看其共享数据的核心区,使隐私设置更加明确,它是该公司应对导致其高额总市值制冷的数据泄漏丑事的最近对策。


Facebook is to try to make privacy settings clearer by creating a hub where users can examine the data they are sharing, in its latest move to address the scandal that has wiped billions of dollars off its market value.Facebook妄图根据开创一个用户能够查看其共享数据的核心区,使隐私设置更加明确,它是该公司应对导致其高额总市值制冷的数据泄漏丑事的最近对策。The world’s largest social network said the settings — including which third-party developers were permitted to access a users’ data — would be centralised, pulling together information that was at present distributed around 20 pages within the platform.这一全世界仅次的社交媒体回应,这种设定(还包含这些允许第三方开发人员访谈用户数据的设定)将被集中化于一起,把现阶段产自在服务平台内约20个网页页面的信息聚集到一起。


Rob Sherman, deputy chief privacy officer for Facebook, said the changes to make privacy controls “more prominent” were being worked on before the revelations that the data of up to 五十米 users were leaked to Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm that worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He added: “The thing that has been very clear over the past week is that we’ve lost trust and need to work on regaining it.”Facebook副顶尖隐私保护官罗布?谢尔曼(Rob Sherman)回应,数据泄漏信息传来前,公司早就在著手进行调节,使隐私保护操控“占据更加引人注意的影响力”。以前新闻媒体曝料称作,高达五千万Facebook用户的数据被泄漏给杰弗里?川普(Donald Trump)竟选精英团队所聘请的数据剖析公司剑桥分析(Cambridge Analytica)。


他补充讲到:“以往一周十分准确的一点是,大家缺失了信赖,务必期待新的斩获信赖。”Facebook will also make it easier for users to see all the data that the company holds on them, allowing individuals to explore them by category rather than via a data dump using its old download tool. The new tool could make it easier for users to take their data to a rival, a process that will be required under the EU’s General Data Protection Rules that come into force in May.Facebook还将让用户更非常容易看到公司持有者的相关她们的全部数据,允许本人按类型网页页面数据,而不是根据原来的下载神器,一下子灌进很多数据。新的专用工具能够让用户更非常容易将她们的数据带到竞争者那边,这一全过程是欧盟国家《一般数据保护条例》(GDPR)所回绝的,该规章将于五月起效。“It is one thing to read a data policy that explains general practices,” Mr Sherman said. “It is very different seeing your own data and being able to control it.”“阅读者一份表明一般性做法的数据隐私保护维护保养现行政策是一实际上,” 谢尔曼讲到,“看见你自身的数据并必须操控它,是十分各有不同的另一回事。


”Facebook is under pressure from politicians and regulators over data privacy. John Edwards, the New Zealand privacy commissioner, yesterday became the latest to criticise the company, saying it had breached the country’s privacy laws. Facebook has denied the claim.在数据隐私保护难题上,Facebook应对政界人士和管控组织的工作压力。英国隐私保护运营专员罗伯特?爱德华兹(John Edwards)昨天沦落最近一位批判该公司的人,他回应,Facebook违反了某国的个人隐私法。Facebook回应未予称其。

The crisis has pushed some Facebook users, including Mr Edwards, to delete their accounts. Others have downloaded their data to understand exactly what the company knows about them.这次困境促使还包含爱德华兹以内的一些Facebook用户移除开她们的帐户。也有一些人iTunes了她们的数据,以了解公司究竟操控了她们的是多少信息。Yesterday’s announcement follows changes announced by Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive, which largely focused on reducing the amount of data that third-party apps could collect.昨天申明发布以前,CEO马可?扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)宣布了一些调节,关键是提升第三方app能够收集的数据量。

Some privacy experts said Facebook would need to go much further.一些隐私专家回应,Facebook将务必回过头得很远。Jonathan Kewley of law firm Clifford Chance’s technology group said: “There will need to be further steps and more radical steps. New ways will have to be considered beyond a platform which aggregates all the information they control.”高伟绅法律事务所(Clifford Chance)高新科技各个部门的刑事辩护律师乔纳森?科利(Jonathan Kewley)回应:“务必采行更进一步且更加保证的对策。必不可少充分考虑新的方法,而不只是一个把她们操控的全部信息都聚集一起的服务平台。





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